The miraculous image of The Black Madonna on Jasna Gora.

jasna gora monastery The Saint Mary with young Jesus is the spiritual as well as consecrated icon venerated by millions of worshippers who wander to the Jasna Góra every year. The image is also considered as the national symbolic representation of Poland. Continue reading


National Park of Ojcow – the elegance of natural scenery.

Pieskowa Skala CastleAbout sixteen km far off from city of Krakow, Ojcow National Park is situated in the Jurrasic Krakow Częstochowa lowland. You will love this setting in spite of the fact it is regarded as one of the smallest Polish green parks. Continue reading

Dunajec gorge – very amazing spot!

dunajec river gorgeThe Dunajec Gorge, named as the jewel of Pieniny Mountains, is one of the most appealing areas you should come across while coming to Poland. The gorge is situated in the southern Poland and on the north of Slovakia. It forms the legendary tourist tract where you may go through the sailing joy along theRiver. Lined by 300m towering stones the Gorge creates 7 loops as it goes. Continue reading

Auschwitz museum, the testimonial of Nazi holocaust.

Auschwitz concentration campsThis exhibition settled on the south of Poland, in Oświęcim, forms the well-deserved remembrance in which you will watch the German concentration camps KL I Auschwitz and Auschwitz KL II – Birkenau. The sad past of the murders tooked place there in the course of World Word the 2nd is preserved in that place. The Auschwitz State Museum was opened in in fourties and further on is placed in a few genuine constructions. The whole area lies on almost two hundred hectars. Continue reading